June 21st - Tuesday / 7:30 pm

Duo Oh !
Tom Djll and David Forlano 
Video work by Justin Clifford Rhody

Duo Oh !

Tom Djll has spent over 30 years developing an idiosyncratic trumpet language and presenting the results inside electrified sound environments. A composer, improviser, and occasional writer on music, he studied at Berklee College of Music, the Colorado College and Mills College Center for Contemporary Music, and is the recipient of an MFA degree from the Mills Center for Contemporary Music, as well as a Deeploma from Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening Organization, and was awarded the Paul Merritt Henry Prize for Composition at Mills.  An active participant in the San Francisco Bay Area new music community since 1985, his current projects include TENDER BUTTONS with Tania Chen and Gino Robair, KINDA GREEN with Tim Perkis, KOKUO with Kyle Bruckmann, Kanoko Nishi-Smith, Jacob Felix Heule and John McCowen, EUPHOTIC with Cheryl Leonard and Bryan Day, and various electronic solo projects.

David Forlano is a multimedia artist and musician currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His artistic foundation is deeply rooted on the East Coast. He composed and performed music for several choreographers and theater companies throughout the 90s in Philadelphia.  During those years he was heavily involved in sound performance and free improvisation.  His sound and movement performance works blurred the standard definition of theater, dance and music.   His current work is channeled through saxophone and electronics.  He keeps a disciplined study of jazz theory and practice. His use of EWI (electronic wind Instrument) allows a more seamless merging of the two approaches.  Breath controlled electronic sound.

Justin Clifford Rhody is a photographer, filmmaker and sound artist based in New Mexico. His work has been exhibited and published in galleries and alleyways, both nationally and internationally, in print publications, on cassettes and vinyl records, as well as online. He ran the Friends & Relatives record label 1999-2016 and has been organizing underground music & art events for over 20 years. Currently, Rhody is the founder/co-operator of No Name Cinema, runs the Physical media imprint and will begin teaching experimental film at SFCC Spring 2023.