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HAT2.0 (acoustic)

Wednesday,   December 6th   @ 7pm 
HAT2 square.jpg

Join us for HAT2.0 (acoustic night) on December 6th, at the Cocteau Theater.  12 performers throw their names into a hat where the audience draws names to select the ensembles.  The chosen players perform immediately without any pre-planning.  Immerse yourself in the edges of collaboration and unconventional sonic spontaneity.  Acoustic instruments and voices merge into a symphony of experimental sounds.  This event is more than a concert, it's a live exploration of sonic textures, layers, and text that promise an unforgettable evening of music transcending the ordinary.

list of performers:

Edie Tsong -  text/voice and objects
John Flax - text/voice
Debrianna Mansini - text/voice
Chris Jonas - sax, text/voice and objects
Barry Chabala - acoustic guitar and stuff
Dave Moir  - acoustic bass
Carlos Santistevan - acoustic bass
Alex Neville  - banjo/guitar
Clara Byom - bass clarinet

David Forlano - text/voice and objects

Ken Prokuski -  objects and accordion

Jim Goetsch - sax

Jean Cocteau Cinema
418 Montezuma Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501

(505) 466-5528

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