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We are celebrating our 2nd annual Festival of new/improvisational/experimental Music with some of the best musicians on the local scene and beyond.  

Shows are every Wednesday through June , 7pm  @ the Jean Cocteau Cinema

Come enjoy the full bar and the most comfortable listening space in town.


Sandbox Music presents new creative music to the Santa Fe area. Concerts through 2023 will be hosted at the Jean Cocteau Cinema.  The venue has a full bar and the most comfortable listening space in town. 


The series is dedicated to provide a forum for music that utilizes creative new techniques, ranging from electronic, experimental acoustic, new jazz, modern classical and more. The series will feature local musicians as well as bringing in touring artists. 

June 7th

STITCH Electro- acoustic Ensemble 

Sean Kennedy - Tubas

Alex Neville - Guitar

Jeremy Bleich - Guitar

Dave Moir - Bass

Keely Mackey - Cello

David Forlano - Sax

Ken Prokuski- Electronics

Jim Goetsch - Electronics


An ensemble of New Mexico based musicians on acoustic and electronic instruments performing improvised pieces with the assistance of a conductor. 

Stitch square.jpg

June 14th

Sam Genovese ( electronics and video ) 
Double Image with David Gomez (percussion)

  (electronics Jim Goetsch) 


Solo electronic performances from Sam Genovese of San Francisco and Jim Goetsch, newly arrived Santa Fe resident who is a veteran of the Los Angeles electronic music scene.

Quartet4 B+W.jpg

June 28th

Lost Time  ( David Forlano, Red Cell, Edie Tsong and Chris Jonas)


Experimental sound/poetry performance from veterans of the Santa Fe experimental music scene.

June 21st

Kenneth Cornell and Alan Zimmerman  ( percussion /electronics duo) 
Drew Gowran and Carlos Santistevan   ( percussion / bass duo )


Experimentation with sound and emotion exploring post industrial, electronica, psychedelia and ambient percussion textures from leading New Mexican experimental artists.


July 5th

Thollem and Michael Begay duo ( guitar, voice and electronics)  
Thollem and ACVilla   ( Digital films and electronics)


 A presentation of new works from New Mexican pianist / composer Thollem, visual artist ACVilla, and Dine performer / composer Michael Begay.


New Album

07_05_23 Thollem Begay ACVilla square.jpg
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