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Jack Wright Ben Wright Duo May 29th, 2024

Jack Wright and Ben Wright


Tara Khozein  Solo and Vocal Ensemble April 6, 2024

Tara Khozein,Marisa Demarco,Monica Demarco,David Forlano,Marya Errin Jones,Lisa Kori,Devon Ludlow,Paris Mancini,Mauro Woody  


Guitar+   March  24th, 2024

Daniel Wyche - guitar 

Alex Neville - guitar 

David Forlano - electronics


Improvisations   February 10th, 2024

Clara Byom - clarinets, accordion and objects

Barry Chabala - acoustic guitar and objects

Sean Kennedy  - tubas

David Forlano - live sampling and objects


HAT 2.0   December  6th , 2023

Edie Tsong -  text/voice and objects
John Flax - text/voice
Debrianna Mansini - text/voice
Chris Jonas - sax, text/voice and objects
Barry Chabala - acoustic guitar and stuff
Dave Moir  - acoustic bass
Carlos Santistevan - acoustic bass
Alex Neville  - banjo/guitar
Clara Byom - bass clarinet

David Forlano - text/voice and objects

Ken Prokuski -  objects and accordion

Jim Goetsch - sax

HAT2 banner.jpg

Sonic Horizons   November 1st, 2023

Sam Negri, John Lyell, Mike Root and Meridian Alpha 

Synth banner.jpg

Poetry and Sound   October 4th, 2023

Gigi Bella, Evan Galpert, Barry Chabala, Clara Byom, David Forlano, Lisa Jo Goldman, Dan Pearlman and Dave Moir.


HAT   August 2nd, 2023

Barry Chabala, Alex Neville,Mustafa Stefan Dill, Dave Wayne, Dan Pearlman, Carlos Santistevan, Dave Moir, David Forlano, Ken Prokuski, Sean Kennedy, Jim Goetsch 


Thollem ACVilla   July 5th, 2023

Thollem and ACVilla

Thollem ACVilla web event graphic_edited_edited.jpg

Lost Time  June 28th, 2023

Lost Time  ( David Forlano, Red Cell, Edie Tsong and Chris Jonas)

Quartet4 B+W_edited_edited.jpg

Improvisations   June 21st, 2023

Kenneth Cornell and Alan Zimmerman  ( percussion /electronics duo) 
Drew Gowran and Carlos Santistevan   ( percussion / bass duo )


  June 14th, 2023

Sam Genovese ( electronics and video )   Double Image with David Gomez and Jim Goetsch


STITCH   June 7th, 2023

Sean Kennedy -Tubas  Alex Neville -Guitar  Jeremy Bleich -Guitar  Dave Moir -Bass  Keely Mackey -Cello

David Forlano -Sax  Ken Prokuski-Electronics  Jim Goetsch - Electronics

Stitch square.jpg

Sonic Lounge    May 3rd, 2023

Al Faaet, Dave Moir, David Forlano, Ross Hamlin,  Ben Wright and Peter Halter

MAY banner.jpg

Glass Key Trio and  NMCE  April 5th, 2023

Glass Key Trio and New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble

April 5th banner3.jpg

Lalias and Theo Krantz   March 1st, 2023

Ross Hamlin, Rod Harrison and Theo Krantz 


VOICES   February 6th, 2023

Tara Khozein, Marisa Demarco, Marya Jones, Carlos Santistevan, David Forlano 

tara composit1.jpg

John Rangel Quartet  February 2nd, 2023

John Rangel, piano / Sean Johnson, Sax / Cyrus Campbell, bass / Malachi Roberts, drums

Rangel 2.jpg

Grab Brothers and Trio Contento   December 5th, 2022

Greg Williams and Alex McMahon /   David Forlano, Dave Moir and Jim Goetsch


Double Image and Sum Of   November 7th, 2023

Jim Goetsch ,Dave Moir and Ken Prokuski


STITCH   October 3rd, 2022

Timm Mason, Alex Neville,Dave Moir, Marc Whitmore, David Forlano, Ken Prokuski and Jim Goetsch

Stitch Banner.jpg

Nakatani/Santistevan   June 25th, 2022

Tatsuya Nakatani and Carlos Santistevan


Control Voltage   July 24th, 2022

Chris Meyer, Jill Fraser and Sine Mountain


Thollem's Obstacle Illusion     June 23, 2022

Thollem and ACVilla 

Thollem ACVilla web event graphic_edited_edited.jpg

Theo    June 22, 2022

Theo Krantz

THEO krantz.png

Duo Oh !   June 21, 2022

Tom Djll and David Forlano Duo with Video by Justin Clifford Rhody


New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble   June 20, 2022

Clara Byom and Dalton Harris, Artistic Directors

nmce collage.png

Open electronic   June  17, 2022

Steven Fresquez, Kenneth Cornell and Alan Zimmerman with Video by Michael Pino

Steven Fresquez 4.png
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