Steven Fresquez, Kenneth Cornell and Alan Zimmerman with Video by Michael Pino

Steven Fresquez 4.png

Experimentation with sound and emotion exploring post industrial, electronica, dark ambient and psychedelia.

New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble            June 20th - Monday / 7:30 pm

Clara Byom and Dalton Harris, Artistic Directors

nmce collage.png

Clara Byom, clarinets/accordion

Dalton Harris, trombone (remotely)

Rosalind Hutchinson, violin

Martin Ly, guitar

Daniel Orban, electronics

Duo Oh !      June 21st - Tuesday / 7:30 pm 

Tom Djll and David Forlano Duo with Video by Justin Clifford Rhody


Trumpet and Saxophone merge into sonic sound fields of glitchy goodness.  

Subliminal Exercise Live Experience      June 22nd - Wednesday / 7:30 pm

Theo Krantz

THEO krantz.png

Audio-visual collage process that draws from found recordings, recontextualized commercial media, and original compositions.

Thollem's Obstacle Illusion with ACVilla       June 23rd - Thursday / 7:30 pm

Thollem and ACVilla 

Thollem ACVilla web event graphic_edited_edited.jpg

This multimedia experience plays with our personal and collective consciousness through visual and sonic allegories, riddles and recontextualizations.

Chris Meyer, Jill Fraser and Sine Mountain


“Sandbox in conjunction with New Mexico Control Voltage presents Electronic Music Night at Currents - in quad!”

Nakatani/Santistevan Duo   June 25th - Saturday / 7:00 pm

Tatsuya Nakatani and Carlos Santistevan


Beyond bass and percussion !